What a thrill to be back in the studio! We’ve been working hard for the past year on these new songs. And we’re super excited to be finally recording.

Bert’s beach getaway.

Yesterday we arrived in Studio Finster, the fantastic studio of our producer Joris Caluwaerts. ¬†After unloading the gear, setting up mics, eating and soundcheck, it was already getting dark outside. One of the most thrilling decisions, is choosing the first song you’re going to record. And almost by accident we chose the title song of our new record ‘Circle’. ‘Circle’ is a duet and has this beautiful instrumental break. But it is a difficult song to play, because you’re constantly searching for a balance between sentiment and energy.

The first tracks.
Finally handed in!


The last job of the night were the vocals for ‘Circle’. It had been raining all day, but during my vocal takes I could hear the rain on the roof through my headphones. A perfect setting. But apparently I can’t pronounce the word ‘halt‘. Oops. It took a couple of takes but at the end of day ‘Circle’ was ready(ish).

Myrthe’s booth. Still neat.

My day ended with a nightly bike ride through Antwerp. I only got lost once.

Stuff I’ve been listening to:

  • Soccer Mommy – Collection
  • (Sandy) Alex G – Rocket